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    Hello all,

    I've just installed Kubuntu 6.06 RC on my desktop and so far I'm very impressed. I just have one small annoyance that hopefully someone will be able to solve.

    I have a Windows file server which I mount in my home directory on my Linux desktops. I've always done this (under Suse) with the following line in my fstab file, and it works fine.

    //$ /home/neil/Documents smbfs credentials=/home/neil/auth.txt,uid=neil,dmask=0700,fmask=0700 0 0

    When I put this line in my Kubuntu fstab file, it does indeed mount the share correctly. It also however automatically puts an icon on my desktop to the same share which apparently points to “media:/neil$_1”. My problem is this desktop icon appears for all users!

    Does anyone know of a way of stopping Kubuntu automatically mounting this on the desktop as I only require it to mount on '/home/neil/Documents'.

    Any insight into what's going on here will be most helpful.


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