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Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by stefanos, Jun 8, 2010.

  1. stefanos

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    I have been trying to understand how to set up DNS on a network. I have been reading everywhere and I cannot find or I am missing something.
    I would like to be able to plug in my linksys router's WAN to any adsl router and the LAN to work.Yes I can do it if a hard code my ISP's (or Routers) DNS servers in but It's not what I want to do.

    My problem, What I would like to have is:
    An ADSL Router with a unknown (IP, DNS IP's) and DHCP enabled.
    (connects to the WAN port of my linksys router)
    My linksys WAN IP got via the DHCP from the ADSL router
    My linksys LAN to have a static IP and DHCP enabled
    PC to connect to the LAN ip via linksys DHCP

    I just have not been able to get it working to connect to the internet as the DNS is not resolving, Is it possible or do I need to hard code the DNS and GATEWAY settings on my LAN?

    I guess what I want to do is the default route of my LAN to be the WAN interface.
    (if you ask why do it this way it's because I filter traffic between the LAN and WAN).

    If it's possible what do I need to set?

    Kind Regards
  2. falko

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    Why do you want to plug in your router to the WAN port of your Linksys router? The WAN port of your Linksys router should be connected to your DSL/Cable modem.
  3. stefanos

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    Hi Falco,
    Mayby I am a bit confused.

    My DSL/Cable modem is the ADSL Router.
  4. str3ss

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    Hello Stefanos,

    first of all, you have to know if your ISP using DHCP or PPPOE

    for DHCP you can set like this:

    in normal way you have to connect your adsl modem to the WAN port on Linksys router and set up the WAN interface to obtain from your ISP via DHCP the IP address, default gateway and DNS servers

    on the LAN interface you have to enable the DHCP server
    also on your PC in network connection/properties/internet protocol, have to enable "Obtain an IP address automatically" and "Obtain DNS server address automatically" ( if you use windows on pc )

    if you have linux on pc, let me know whici distribution

    in this way should work

    after you configure the Linksys, you can check de WAN and LAN configuration in the status page

    if you need PPPOE I will give you the steps
  5. stefanos

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    Hi str3ss,

    I understand it now (I think) when I was trying to understand the routing table and it's working as I wanted :)

    What I did is set the linksys router into 'gateway mode'.
    The WAN set to 'Auto DHCP'
    Enable my LAN DHCP server (with No Static DNS IP's) or in my case

    Network Setup (LAN)
    I set the static IP and subnet mask.
    The gateway as

    I am just a bit confused as to what is the local DNS settings.

    But I will try and play around and see if I can figure it out.

    Kind Regards

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