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  1. Good day to you!

    To progress with my plans of business, I require a Landing-/Frontpage where I can display the available services I provide and where Clients can register and login, so my freshly bought billing module can be of use. :)

    Is there an existing example template I can use and abuse to fit my purposes? Or a proper tutorial?

    While googling what I am looking for, I found this thread from 2010: which states there is a script in the Downloads section. That information seems outdated - or I am blind. :)

    I also found this unanswered thread:

    And there is this Tutorial/Script from 2015:

    As well as several "hints" to WordPress plugins/mods, which I don't use. :)

    Can anyone please provide me with links or point me in the direction? Thanks! <3
  2. Ed Carroll

    Ed Carroll New Member

    Did you ever get an answer to this needed function? I see you posted over 2 years ago.
    Are you online now and operational or did you give up?
    I am trying to achieve the same thing here.. AUTOMATION of entire project
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  3. Jesse Norell

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    Check the whmcs integration, I think that would be the most function/features for integrations, though I have no idea what it does or doesn't have for a storefront (I don't use whmcs currently).
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  4. Ed Carroll

    Ed Carroll New Member

    whmcs wants a 25 dollar monthly fee to use their system.. I just got rid of it.. I was using WHMCS/PLESK and the cost almost bankrupted me.. lol.. I am just a small one man shop here..
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  5. I am herewith necroing this, my!, thread. This is necessary because it got nowhere. :/

    And that is as well where I got with a landing page. (This is mostly my fault.)
    ISPC lacking client self-registration really set me back a bit, in hindsight. If it had one, I could be rich now, so I need this thread to go on a bit.

    What I now need is a proper, up2date API documentation with references (I am a big fan of w3schools!, please use it as an example!), especially all the $params used in $addklient.

    And then I will need some more help with setting up payment validations and stuff, I guess. Will I require the billing module for that?

    Required Steps:
    - Get API. [Check]
    - Understand API. [HalfCheck]
    - Create Client registration form (validate emails!) <= edit: working on that. I know how to stuff things into a db, so this should work. As language is taken from a list of files I'll just provide en/de for now. [HalfCheck, because need to implement API]
    - Create "Products" (Templates, I guess?) in ISPConfig [Check]
    - Create Product selection frontpage from ISPC-DB-Table(?). <= edit: from client_template table? [HalfCheck, because need to implement API]
    - Create Product Buy Form/Function. <= edit: product card -> user clicks -> gets little form -> hits paypal button -> pays -> activates webspace. Other payments required?
    - ???
    - Profit

    - Referral codes instead of reseller accounts. (srsly, does anyone use those Reseller-Accounts? Isn't it "better" to give your paying users a referral code that gets them a part of the income their referrals generate? Like it is common nowadays... "Enter JACKFRAGS when you sign up to get 25% off your first order!").

    A few thoughts regarding this and previous posts:
    - I am co-admin on a discord-server about webdesign (it's not because my meager skills :p). I would love to give out free little webspaces (like 200mb) to users that are beginning to learn. As it is free, I'd delete it again after 3-6 months, this would free space for new people. This could also generate "proper" clients and from them some "resellers" (other staff members are on different other discord servers and could spread it a bit, for example) if it was as easy as using a referal-code.
    - I don't wanna use WHMCS for the reason of my motivation fluctuating like eCurrency. If I buy it now and fail to hold my motivation for the next week, I bought it for no reason at all.

    Edited 24th Nov 2021.
    Edited for Checks on the Required steps on 15th March 2022.
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  6. Sorry for the re-necroing and the resulting double-post, I have my reasons (I simply hate new threads. :p).
    I'd like to turn this into a thread including discussions and conceptions, if that's alright.

    Here I am, writing a registration script. I wrote it in vanilla PHP (no API) first, so I could figure things out. As stated above, I would like to add a referral system. I wanted to do it later but while writing the registration script, I simply added parts of it already, because it was in my path:

    I added two more database rows: referrer and validation_code. The validation code is a unique random string of 10. My thought was: It will double as referral-code. The referrer cell will simply list the ID of the referrer.
    Should I preferably create a separate DB table for this?
    Any other thoughts are welcome as well! I could do with a bit of input. :)
  7. I'll just stop being sorry about the multi posting and the necroing and spare your time by cutting to the case:

    After taking the last 10 days to check out a few other free solutions, among them:
    - BoxBilling
    - HopeBilling
    I came to the conclusion that most free billing systems that include a Frontend and Domain Checks, seem to be not maintained.
    BoxBilling does have a few maintainers semi-active in Discord but those usually tell you there hasn't been done much in the latest time. At least when it came to the issues that I prompted (Domain check failed, for example).
    HopeBilling is half in kyrillic and the dev hasn't made any updates to the system in 12 Months (not blaming, that area of the world might not be the nicest place right now).

    This is not meant to demotivate or talk anyone bad. I just want to inform you that both of these projects need work.

    As I am not very succesfully selfemployed and money is an issue for me as well, I am unable to afford the solutions like whmcs. The cheapest software I found was still about 150 currency per year, which, in my current position, isn't feasable.

    My current plans are now updating to:
    - I will try to create a simple and clean frontend-mockup without any backend connections. I will throw this at the ISPC community for feedback.
    - I will try to create the frontend in Laravel. Before doing that, I will need one or two projects to teach me Laravel. Considering my pre-skills, I might not need 6 months to learn it (if my motivation holds).
    - I will try to connect the Laravel-frontEnd with ISPC-Billing. I do not know if this should be done by moving data from the ISPC-Database to an extra Database - or if I should simply use the preexisting ISPC-Database and connect into that.
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