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Discussion in 'General' started by Pixelated, Apr 4, 2006.

  1. Pixelated

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    Hi, am i able to use the latest version of mysql 5.0 as part of ispconfig, it's just that i created a Joomla! 1.0.8 site on a Windows XP Home machine with apache2triad version 1.5.4 and took weeks to build with alot of info thats only stored in the sql file.

    It has the latest versions:

    Apache to 2.2.0
    OpenSSL to 0.9.8a
    PHP 5.1.2
    Zend Optimizer to 2.6.2
    Xdebug to 2.0.0 beta5
    DBG to 2.18.5
    SlimFTPd to 3.18
    Xmail to 1.22
    PostgreSQL to 8.1.2
    pgAdmin to 1.4.1
    phpPgAdmin to 4.0.1
    MySQL to 5.0.18
    MyODBC to 5.0.0
    MySQL Administrator 1.1.8
    MySQL Query Browser 1.1.20
    PHPmyadmin to 2.7.0 pl2
    UebiMiau to 2.7.9
    AWStats to 6.5
    mod_perl to 2.0.3
    mod_ssl to 2.2.0

    My problem is that i backed-up mysql sql "exported to sql file" and site folders and files to use with Debian. Then i found the Debian Perfect Setup by falko and it has ispconfig setup details and i was hooked. To cut a long story short, once i installed every thing and it worked first time which made me very happy, as i have only used Linux on the day i read about the perfect-setup, two days ago. When i import my sql file to create the database it has an error about "sorry i did not save details because i thought i could google it" but i think it relates to the table type? ISAM or MyISAM not being backward compatable so the sql file i created in MySQL 5.0.18 will not import back in a lower version of MySQL. I could be wrong?

    I tried to update using a post in these forums about editing your /etc/apt/source.list and added urls to testing and unstable to use with apt-get install..... apt-get update... apt-get upgrade.... Now i cannot access my ispconfig admin and get error

    Do i need to reinstall or is there a work around?

    Any help appreciated.

    "Can we use ispconfig with all the latest versions need to run Debian and ispconfig? Thanks...
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  2. Pixelated

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    Had another go at updating ref:

    It Worked...
    Managed to get back into admin in ispconfig and my domains are there but when i goto phpmyadmin my test domain databases are not there not even ispconfigs or even mysqls''s little database that is usually there. Any Ideas. What commands do i type to see what versions are installed or can i view them in a package manager?

    Will reboot to see if anything changes...

    Oh, are there any good resources relating to learning how to use all aspect of Debian. Just want to get my 13yr old son to be interested in Linux and get him away from being tied to 1 OS.

  3. Pixelated

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    The mbstring PHP extension was not found and you seem to be using a multibyte charset. Without the mbstring extension phpMyAdmin is unable to split strings correctly and it may result in unexpected results.

    Above is whats at the bottom of the right frame in phpmyadmin. Rebooted and still the same. Will wait to see what falko or till because they are the ones im banking on to fix me lmao. Will come back tomorrow... till then bye for now.
  4. till

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    The mbstring error in PHPMyAdmin does not affect you if you dont use charsets like chinese Big5.

    Has PHPMyAdmin worked before you updated mySQL? Did you login with the mysql root user?
  5. Pixelated

    Pixelated New Member

    I had login with root and as different site owners but have reinstalled and starting again from scratch, thanks till...

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