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    Hi all,

    I am currently (again) looking into LDAP but the more I read (500+ pages and several sites) the less I understand it, so I keep it simple to begin with and extend the tree when needed. The problem I see is that I have a few posix logins and several web logins. Not a problem in itself, but if I want to do mail authentication through ldap:
    • All posix users (4) also use weblogins and have email adress from owned domain.
    • some web users (5) also have mailaddress from owned domain, others do not (20).
    I am trying it on two test machines and posix login works. haven't yet tried the web login or mail authentication.
    ou=users (posix login) and ou=wusers (web login)

    Do I need to put the posix users' credentials in the group web login or can I say "IF cn=xxx,ou=wusers,dc=example,dc=eu OR cn=xxx,ou=users,dc=example,dc=eu THEN logged in ELSE fail" and how to do it for mail login?

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