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  1. shopgeek

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    I am using the tutorial "NAT Gateway, Iptables, Port Forwarding, DNS And DHCP Setup - Ubuntu 8.10 Server" to setup a Lenny box as a firewall/router/DHCP, and, after performing the requested tasks I can:

    1. Aquire an IP.
    2. ISP provided DNS servers are being forwarded.
    3. I can ping any address.
    4. I can resolve any address via my browser, but no data is being downloaded. I constantly receive a "Waiting..." status.
    5. I can connect to any of my FTP sites, but whenever I attempt an "ls" or "dir", I receive an error stating that it will not transmit data to <172.xxx.xxx.xxx>, my private IP, only to <64.XXX,XXX,XXX>, my public IP.

    Any thoughts? The configs are entered exactly as they are detailed in the tutorial, with the exception of different names and local IP addresses.

    Thank you,
  2. falko

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    Regarding FTP, did you try both active and passive transfers in your FTP client?
  3. shopgeek

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    Hi Falko,

    In passive mode, I would only receive a less descriptive message. :)

  4. HaydenHarnet

    HaydenHarnet New Member

    changing transfert to active mode has solved the problem for me


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