Let Rspamd ignore relayhost in SPF check

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    When your ISPConfig mailserver sits behind a relayhost you'll get SPF failures as the relayhost is of course not part of the senders SPF records in their DNS.

    Rspamd can be configured to ignore given hostnames and check SPF against the host before the relayhost.

    Create file /etc/rspamd/local.d/external_relay.conf
    # enable the module
    enabled = true;
    # rules are defined inside rules {} block
    rules {
      # this is the name of the symbol we will register
        # a recognised strategy MUST be defined
        strategy = "hostname_map";
        # there may be additional non/optional settings available particular to the strategy
        hostname_map = "/etc/rspamd/external_relay_hostname.map";
    and create file /etc/rspamd/external_relay_hostname.map with a list of hostnames to ignore:
    Restart the Rspamd service and you're done.

    More information can be found here:

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