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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by Nebhead, Oct 1, 2016.

  1. Nebhead

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    I've upgraded to 3.1 and it's not entirely clear how to start using Let's Encrypt, as simply ticking the boxes in the "Domain" section doesn't seem to work. Are there additional steps that need to be taken, and are they documented anywhere? I've taken a look through the forum but can't find anything.

  2. Nebhead

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    Also, will the Let's Encrypt certificate only work for the web aspect of the domain, or will it also be used for mailboxes associated with that domain too?
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    I asked a similar question the other day and there is really not much you need to do to get it working. If you see the post below it details exactly what I did to get my server ready for the upgrade:


    As you have already updated ISPConfig I think you should just be able to install the Let's Encrypt bit as I don't suppose it does anything until you try to create a certificate for a domain (I am just guessing this bit as I did the installation of Let's Encrypt before updating ISPConfig).

    Mailboxes will need to be done separately, see the following post:

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    Can LetsEncrypt be used for the Master interface? I have a multiserver setup with a standalone Master. Came across another thread talking about linking to a different LetsEncrypt cert on the server but I have no webservers at all on that Master other then the main ISPConfig interface.
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    Yes, it can be used, but it is not setup out of the box (hopefully in a later version, maybe 3.2?, it will be). Assuming your probably running ispconfig on port 443, you can manually request a letsencrypt certificate then replace ispconfig's certificate files with symlinks to the letsencrypt certificate. Several people have posted examples, including https://www.howtoforge.com/communit...fig-admin-from-letsencrypt.73097/#post-344008

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