LetsEncrypt for Users?

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by creiss, Mar 17, 2023.

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    Hey folks,

    Running 3.2.9p1.

    My users can not request a LetsEncrypt certificate by themselves. There is no button/ link there where the admin has one. SSL available and Lets Encrypt available are ON in the client templates.

    As admin I am able to select any domain, edit, go to "Domain" Tab and see checkboxes fo SSL and Lets Encrypt.
    As user edit a Domain, but I am greeted with way less tabs, and the Domain Tab has no SSL/ LetsEncrypt checkboxes.

    Reseller, howevver, can see the SSL and LetsEncrypt Options.

    While writing this post I noticed the users themselves have a Limits tab, and there is no checkbox for ssl and LetsEncrypt.

    I change my question to: How can I enable SSL and Letsencrypt for all users, present and new?
  2. creiss

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    Answering my own post here:

    Change all current users:
    UPDATE client SET limit_ssl='y', limit_ssl_letsencrypt='y';
    UPDATE client SET limit_ssl='y', limit_ssl='y';
    UPDATE client SET limit_shell_user='2';​

    Default for new users:
    ALTER TABLE client ALTER limit_ssl_letsencrypt SET DEFAULT 'y';
    ALTER TABLE client ALTER limit_ssl SET DEFAULT 'y';
    UPDATE client SET limit_shell_user='2';​

    This is the mysql brute-force way. I yet have to figure out a gui way to do this.
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    See client Limits and Client templates, you find them in the Client module.
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