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Discussion in 'Suggest HOWTO' started by irobot, Jun 13, 2017.

  1. irobot

    irobot New Member

    I dont seem to be able to get the https working
    it does create certs but no https working
    so i am searching for a Howto for the settings etc etc
    is there something where i can find settings i dont seem to be able to find somthing like that on the web

    Debian9 with ispconfig 3.1 is what i am using at the moment
  2. irobot

    irobot New Member

    Ok gotta quit for a couple of hours
    Been searching and trying but i dont seem to be able to get the letsencrypt working.
    Sofar i see the keys in the pannel so i think the certs are generated.
    But https://andmuchmore does not work

    So i hope that someone is willing to send me a good tutorial link or post here what todo

    At the moment we are using imscp (unstable to much bugs) with letsencrypt that works fine on our servers and no problem at all with installing
    So i dont understand why its so hard on IspConfig
  3. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    Using Letsencrypt works pretty well and is absolutely easy to use in ISPConfog, all you have to do is to enable a single checkbox in the website settings to enable it and everything else is done automatically.

    I've just setup a server for a customer today, used this guide:


    I then logged into ISPConfig, clicked on new website, entered the domain name and saved it. Then I enabled letsencrypt checkbox in the website settings, clicked save and SSL was configured with LE within 60 seconds, no further actions were required.

    As you can see, it can't be easier.
    And letsencrypt installation and usage is covered in the iSPConfig manual btw.

    But you wrote above that you installed ISPConfig on an OS (Debian 9) which is not even supported yet and where not even an installation guide exists for, so no wonder that your setup is not fully working. But that's not the fault of ISPConfig if you choose to use a server environment that the software is not made for.
  4. irobot

    irobot New Member

    Holy mozes so i am on the wrong road with Stretch :confused:
    I thought well install a new server to test and go straight to the new Debain
    just followed the instructions and thought they where official
    By the way the setup is fine and seems to work but not the letsencrypt and maybe even more.

    Anyway thank you for the directions i will install jessie and see if that works
    Well actually it should work the pannel seems simple to use
    i'll give it a go thnx
  5. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    The tutorial you used is an experimental new way to setup ISPConfig from deb packages, it might work but I did not had the time to test it yet and it's not the official way to install ISPConfig plus it uses dev code as far as I know and not the tested release code from ISPConfig. We will support stretch of course in future but our tests starts when stretch ahs been released and the first issues that probably arise as with any new release got solved so we don't have to do ur tests and code adjustments twice.
  6. irobot

    irobot New Member

    You where right works like a charm
    the setup tuto for stretch misses the letsencrypt install completely so i can imagine that it will never work.

    i did came across some minor things and errors while installing Jessie
    This one :
    postconf: warning: /etc/postfix/master.cf: undefined parameter: mua_client_restrictions
    postconf: warning: unmatched request: "maildrop.unix"
    and there where some minor differances while installing but that was no problem
    also did not got the mail working yet
    so tomorrow will start fresh again with a new installed debian and try again.

    anyway thnx

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