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    I have a question on howto deliver mail to a shared Maildir. I have 2 users configured on my ispconfig server each having their own mailbox. They have a need to share a certain mailfolder. This mailfolder should have it's own e-mail alias. My ISPconfig system is configured to use postfix as MTA.

    I was able to create a shared maildir using the maildirmake command. The folder shows up in both user's IMAP folder. They can access it both to drag and drop mail from their existing Inbox into this shared folder.

    However, the seperate e-mail alias is giving me problems. The e-mail alias for both users deliveres mail in the Inbox of the users, but I have no way to create an alias to deliver mail in a subfolder.

    In the old days, when I was not using ispconfig, , I had a similar using mailfilter with a system running qmail as MTA. There, I could make individual mailfilter rules per user profiles. It is my understanding that postfix does not support mailfiler, but that for instance procmail would also support such configuration. I would like as much as possible to stick with the features / possibilities offered by ISPconfig and not do too much tricks 'under the hood' to avoid being on the critical path when things wrong and I'm not avaialble :)

    Any advice on how this could be solve is greatly appreciated.


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