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Discussion in 'Linux Beginners' started by Ricefields, Sep 13, 2021.

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    Hi! I am brand new to Linux and would love to get a general idea of where to start. I was wondering what distribution to choose . I am not looking for anything hard or complex, just something simple to start off with.
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    gentoo. or 'linux from scratch'

    joking. although you would definitely either learn a lot about linux trying to install them, or start to seriously consider suicide.

    i'd suggest starting with debian or ubuntu, or one of their many variants.
    personally i use the official ubuntu release. although i have heard that ubuntu mate is particularly easy/nice to use.
    just download a few different distros, stick them on usb and load them as a live, uninstalled OS and play around a bit, then just stick with whichever one you prefer.
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    Is this for a server or desktop? The answers would probably be different.

    Although there are connections for instance I use Debian on my servers. Debian is the last word in stability and purity. Whereas in desktops you are looking for something more adventurous and will probably find those third party drivers for your gpu or whatever. However using Kubuntu (KDE + Ubuntu) I stay within the Debian eco-system so everything I learn on Debian applies to Kubuntu and v.v.

    If it's just a desktop Linux Mint is probably the easiest way to get into Linux without actually knowing it if your background is Windows. It's also Ubuntu/Debian based. Actually the hardest choice for a desktop is which GUI. Luckily they are easy to swap or you just could run up a selection in VMs and see which one suits.

    The problem with Linux is you are spoilt for choice. If you ain't confused you ain't tried.
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