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Discussion in 'Linux Beginners' started by Stone699, Sep 12, 2023.

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    Hello, I'm a beginner student in the sense that I have little experience working with Linux. My questions is, are there any cheatsheets or quick references that I can use to help me better understand Linux?
    It's there a manual I can download that shows what commands do?
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    "Absolutely, plenty of cheat sheets and quick references available online can be beneficial for learning Linux. Websites like '' and '' have comprehensive cheatsheets for various Linux distributions. They typically cover essential commands, file system navigation, and other Linux basics.
    Additionally, Linux has an extensive built-in manual system. You can access it using the 'man' command followed by the command you want to learn about. For example, typing 'man ls' will provide you with a detailed manual page for the 'ls' command, explaining its functions and options.
    As a follow-up question, Is there a specific Linux distribution you're working with, or are you looking for general Linux resources? This can help us provide you with more targeted recommendations."
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    The easiest way I found to learn (for me) is to figure out a project you want to do and then break it down to sub-parts and do it! Like maybe set up a one-page web site in PHP that displays the date and time for example. Figure out something you want to do....that extra motivation will really help.


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