Linux Debian and Windows XP - both on internet, how?

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by DennisDee, Jul 2, 2006.

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    I just install new setup of Debian Sarge 3.1 (I was following instructions from Perfect Debian Sarge 3.1 installation). I was creating pppoe connection and now on eth0. Now I have second network card in computer (eth1)! How can i compile debian, that i can go on internet with Windows XP? On windows network I allready have everything necessary (IP,sub-net mas, Gateway, DNS)! I have systems connected trought switch.

    Here is scheme of my network at home

  2. DennisDee

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    ok I found litlle howTo like this

    Now I can ping both of computers, but with windows i still can not go to web sites. Why?

    P.S.: Everytime when I reboot Debian and then in ifconfig eth1 is gone. Anyone know why is like that?
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  3. SupuS

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    You have to set up nat forwarding on debian box using iptables ... I is not so easy but you can use firehol for example .. it is great software which can help you with seting up iptables ...
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    Aha, but what if i allready have created firewall with iptables but not inserted in init.d yet? than will help?

    If I understand you, its all about iptables?
  5. SupuS

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    Yes is all about iptables .. sorry for my English ;)
    But firewall itself is not enough .. You must set up NAT forwarding ... google can help you .. I use firehol ... it is easy and quick .. so I cannot help you with command for iptables ..
    Try iptables -L -n -t nat .. this show your nat setting .. if no rules shows you have no nat forwarding :)
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    we really need a detailed howto for this

    who is going for it ?

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