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Discussion in 'Linux Beginners' started by PuterUser, Feb 16, 2024.

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    Hi there! I've only used Linux a couple of times now for my class, so far I've tried 2 Desktop Environments, Gnome and Plasma, and so far I've preferred using Plasma as it's more akin to Windows. I was curious about other peoples preferences and if there were any other DE's I should try as a beginner! I'd assume it's based on what I'm trying to accomplish with Linux, so I was also wondering if there are any notable uses for specific DE's! Thank you!
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    i'm new so i cant post links yet, but I'd highly recommend you to TRY a tiling window manager like i3wm (google that).

    It lets you organize windows with the keyboard instead of the mouse, which is FAR more efficient. It might looks weird in the beginning but you will get uesd to it very fast and it will make you look VERY cool :p

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