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Discussion in 'Linux Beginners' started by Carlos012345, Sep 23, 2021.

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    Hey all,
    First time poster here. Definitely still feel like a Linux noob, as I generally only use if for class and labs, with it occasionally peppered into my work as well. With that being said, I think what the FSF and Linux in general represents is admirable, sustainable, and something that I would like to support more in my day to day life. One of my largest hobbies happens to be Gaming; if this vice can be sated in Linux I would be much more inclined to make the transition from Windows in an instant (or at least dual boot w/ Windows as secondary just in case).

    So the meat and bones of my question: what distribution- if any- is up to snuff when it comes to modern gaming? Can platforms such as Steam and co. run with stability on Ubuntu or Zorin? Are there any additional applications or software needed to achieve Windows like performance/results with Linux? Time and time again when searching this topic I read that Wine is essential, or smooth gaming on Linux is impossible. Is that really the case? For reference I am currently running an AMD GPU and CPU. AMD graphics drivers tend to have a better track record than their green counterpart, so that may be a plus.

    Any assistance with this would be much appreciated; thank you in advance!
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    I run Steam on Ubuntu 20.04. Works well.
    No, except driver for graphics card must be installed. Ubuntu installs it when it detects NVidia or AMD card.
    Wine is needed only when playing Windows games on Linux. If you use Steam it has its own compatibility layer (based on wine) so you do not need to install wine if you play steam games.
    Do they?

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