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Discussion in 'Suggest HOWTO' started by deantn, May 30, 2005.

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    Just wondering if there are an tutorials for Linux Newbies, I mean new at Linux all together, where you can get started from scratch. Learn how to do command lines and mount different hardware, you know the whole nine yards, from the beginning.
    Have Ubuntu 5.04 Live CD and install CD, only using Live CD for now but when it gets booted I get lost completly. I know that Ubuntu is a little different from most Linux distros so need help there also.
    Plan to build a new computer using Linux as the OS from the start. That is if I can learn the basics and how too's for Linux or Ubuntu. :confused:
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    I would take a look at a few O'Reilly books:

    o Running Linux
    o Linux in a Nutshell
    o Linux Cookbook

    And if you really want to learn the ins-and-outs of how Linux works, build your own Distribution with Linux From Scratch.

    Hope that helps
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    Thanks for the info.
    Looked at Linux From Scratch. Seems like a good place to start. Will learn from there thanks again. :rolleyes:
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    Nice for newbies like me.

    Thank you all for posting and suggesting these sites..

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