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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by make-fun, May 16, 2010.

  1. make-fun

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    Hi folks

    a dutch friend has offered me sharing a server he needed to get for some Windows stuff.
    It's based in Germany at a hosting company called Strato and came with a 2nd IP address for free.
    As I'm not too keen on the Windows Server, I looked into running a virtual machine on this Server, with Ubuntu. Now there is no DNS configuration I can access at Strato and all they do is setup an A-Record, nor will I have access to any router.
    So, the question would be, is there any way I could set up a VM on the 2nd IP and have all traffic getting to it, if I set one of my domains to this IP?
    Any ideas, anyone had some experience with Strato in this regard -- support only answered it was not meant to be set up in such a manner.

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  2. falko

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    How do you mean this? If the DNS record points to that IP, the traffic will automatically go to it.
  3. make-fun

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    Yes Falko, that's what I'd like.
    I've got a domain here in New Zealand I would like to be based in Europe, as most of it's traffic comes from there anyway.
    For this domain I would like all traffic, on any port, to go to the VM with 2nd IP. Where I've got this Domain registered I have access to basic DNS settings, so I can point this domain to any IP I want.

    As I see it, I can't use bridged on the VM and I'm not sure how Strato does the network in regards to MAC Addresses?
    I'm guessing they'll only allow specific combinations of IP:MAC -Addresses on the network, but there is no MAC for the 2nd IP. This seems to be the issue, if I'm not completely wrong.

  4. falko

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    Point it to the second IP, and things should be fine. :)
  5. make-fun

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    Just for anyone's interest

    The issue really was with IP:MAC -Addresses… sort of…
    As Strato, per default, uses an internal DHCP for their root-server packages the 2nd IP was never connected to the server and only showed up in their online config system -- where they call them both static IPs.

    So, the trick is to manually change the network adapter setting on your machine to use static IP and add the 2nd IP afterwards, again manually.

    There had been no such info back then and support said it was not meant to be set up in such a manner, but you can now find it in the [german/only] FAQ

  6. make-fun

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    Back again…

    I've now had a chance to log onto the w2k8R2 via RDP and tried to setup a VM.

    Instead of using the 2nd IP on the Win sys, I wanted to use it during setup in an Ubuntu 10.4, but once I got to "configure the network" I run into a dead end trying to setup the same gateway IP the Win sys is using.
    All I'm getting is "Unreachable gateway" :(
    And yes, I can ping this gateway from the Win sys as ipconfig provided it.

    So again, the gateway seamed to only allow known IP:MAC combinations.

    Support kind of confirmed this and mentioned any traffic from unknown MACs would be considered an attack on the network and not routed at all.

    So I took this as a hint and changed the MAC(in a SUSE11.3 VM I had laying around) to the MAC of the host adapter, along with all other network settings for this VM.
    And sure thing, I did not work :(

    See attached screen shot from the VM… I just don't see what else I could there.

    Any ideas, maybe?


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