local net not accessible!

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    local subnet not accessible!

    I have tried to create a local network which looks like this:

    internet >> gateway>>workstations with static public IPs of which one workstation is converted to a voip + DHCP server (dnsmasq) with 2 ethernet cards >> new local subnet with C class private IPs Graphically it looks like:

    Gateway (with static public IP) and firewall
    | | | |
    Workstations (with static public IPs)
    One workstation with static public IPs serves as voip and dhcp server (dnsmasq)
    local subnet with private class C IPs (192.168.xxx.yyy)

    The line in bold are what I am creating. But the problem is the local subnet with private C class IP could access the internet, but the workstations with static public IPs (in italic) could not reach the new local subnet workstations with the private C class IPs!

    My /etc/sysconfig/iptables reads like this:

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  2. zenny

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    The Gateway firewall looks like this (the Gateway has RH6.2 with 2.2.* kernel with IPchains):

    The local subnet I created also could not access the mapped drives (using net use) in windows. Though it is a firewall issue. Any hints how I can make the local subnet be accessible from the local net with static public IPs and also how to make the new local subnet to access the mapped drives?

    How do I add a new subnet to this firewall?

    Eagerly awaiting for the inputs.
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  3. zenny

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    :confused: Could I get some hints? Eagerly looking forward to some practical hints to make my local subnet accessible from local net! :confused:

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