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    is it possible to look up the location of IP addresses in PHP? I'd like to allocate a country to an IP address.
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    Thanks! :)
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    function get_client_ip() {
    $ipaddress = '';
    if (getenv('HTTP_CLIENT_IP'))
    $ipaddress = getenv('HTTP_CLIENT_IP');
    else if(getenv('HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR'))
    $ipaddress = getenv('HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR');
    else if(getenv('HTTP_X_FORWARDED'))
    $ipaddress = getenv('HTTP_X_FORWARDED');
    else if(getenv('HTTP_FORWARDED_FOR'))
    $ipaddress = getenv('HTTP_FORWARDED_FOR');
    else if(getenv('HTTP_FORWARDED'))
    $ipaddress = getenv('HTTP_FORWARDED');
    else if(getenv('REMOTE_ADDR'))
    $ipaddress = getenv('REMOTE_ADDR');
    $ipaddress = 'UNKNOWN';
    return $ipaddress;

    echo $get_client_ip;

    $PublicIP = get_client_ip();
    $json = file_get_contents('https://api.snoopi.io/$PublicIP?apikey=[YOUR API KEY]');
    $json = json_decode($json ,true);
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    The question was answered correctly a very long time ago. Your shared code did not anwer that question in any way though.

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