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Discussion in 'Desktop Operation' started by netsurfer802, Jun 10, 2009.

  1. netsurfer802

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    I'm trying to get a client to download logmein.com software on his computer so I can work with it...and it doesn't know how to associate the file. How do you associate a .mci (Windows Installer package) file in Ubuntu Linux so that I can log into his comuter??!!
  2. id10t

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    You don't.

    He could install the openssh-server package and you can ssh in, assuming he also creates a user account for you... There are also a few ways to figure out his ip address...
  3. linuxgnubee

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    Right. I am with id10t. LogMeIn so far has not ported their app to the Linux side of things - hopefully they will because it works well on the Windows side.

    You'll want to have your client configure his/her Remote Desktop settings appropriately (many tutorials on how to do this), load a VNC viewer on your side, port the ip, and perhaps use ssh to tunnel in securely.

    Just a thought.

    Linuxgnubee ;)
  4. Rayin

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    LogMeIn Free gives you remote control of your PC or Mac from any other computer with an..

    USB Charger
  5. martine4161

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    According to my knowledge and news Logmein is the site that can support Windows or MAC very fluently. So if you are trying to get login with Linux then definitely you have problems.
  6. georgecampbell

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    Try using a RHUB remote support server. It will allow you to establish a view only remote connection between Windows and Linux computers so that you can have a look at the issue and troubleshoot the same.
  7. Some starters. LogMeIn is a Windows executable. I don't know if it has client/servers for Linux. The usual and secure way to log remotely on a linux machine is to use ssh. But it allows only console interaction. To see the screen one way to do it is to do VNC via a SSH tunnel. Another way if the connection is local and fast is to do X11 though a ssh tunnel. I don't go into details but if you search for those keywords you'll find plenty of tutorials.
  8. sjau

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    There's also TeamViewer for Linux. More people that I know use TeamViewer... I can't recall anyone using LogeMeIn.

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