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    Dear fellow members
    I have converted from ISPConfig apache to ISPConfig nginx which gave me an annoying problem.

    My former setup was based on Debian Jessie (apache) for web, ftp and DNS and Ubuntu 12.04 for Zimbra Collaboration Open Source Mailserver. Z-push was used for mobil connection to Zimbra and installed on Debian/apache (/var/www/z-push). All working fine until my VM's crashed and I have to rebuild Debian from scratch.
    Then I got the idea to try an ISPConfig nginx setup for my web, ftp and DNS and got everything to work - except my z-push installation that I haven't been able to get working.
    I've tried every tutorial and workaround that google have shown me but without any luck.

    So my question for all you guys are - do any of you have a working setup which is comparable to mine? or is nginx just a bad choice between web > z-push > zimbra?

    Just to clarify is my setup as following:
    • Debian Jessie - ISPConfig/nginx (web, ftp, DNS and z-push) - (web.domain.com)
    Z-push in /var/www/z-push using zimbra64 backend in configuration based on Z-push v2 with Zimbra
    • Ubuntu 12.04 - Zimbra Collaboration Open Source Mailserver - (mail.domain.com)

    The error that I will get when trying https://domain.com/Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync is either blanch or 404

    The directive for z-push in apache is somehow straight forward but for nginx is another ballgame - I'm just lost in transition - please help :)
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