Mac and Linux similarity

Discussion in 'Linux Beginners' started by Tya241, Oct 4, 2020.

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    I want to know how Mac is different from Linux
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    And don't we all!
    You did not say which mac. The current operating systems running on Apple computers are Unix. See . Unix and Linux are about the same thing, so MacOs and Linux are quite similar. The GUI Apple uses on top of MacOS is their own design, and it is different from the usual Linux GUI versions. There are, however, Linux GUIs that look like the Apple system.
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    ios is based on mac OS x and cocoa, which themselves were based on NeXTStep, and NeXTStep was based on BSD, which was itself based on Research Unix.
    and linux is not actually an os, it's a kernel. Linux by itself has no 'userland' environment (no apps, no commands, no ...etc...).
    BSD is a 'unix-like' complete OS, with it's own kernel and it's own userland (no linux kernel nor GNU).
    like debian, or ubuntu, or centos or any of the other variants, are a complete os, with their own userland, and a linux kernel.

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