Magento with the config of ISPconfig it is possible...

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by misterm, Jan 13, 2008.

  1. misterm

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    Hello with all, I seek to install Magento, of this howto, on the config of ISPConfig, but I do not arrive, is this possible or not, because it me a multitude of error which I does not include/understand, perhaps that you, could bring answers to my questions to me....


  2. misterm

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    Hello with all, you can drop, I have to find causse of my problem, I had to forget to install this in its howto...

    Sorry, by this misunderstanding, that irritates me... MM

  3. blaze

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    Additional details

    Aside from pecl install apc what steps did you do to setup Magento on an ISPConfig site?

    I have tried following the instructions on the howto for Debian, but things just don't work. Right now for me to even see the site I have to rename .htaccess. Then I am only able to see the home page because all the other links point to a structure that is not there. The two are probably linked.

    I have a Debian Etch server setup as in the Perfect Setup with ISPConfig configured as well.

    Not sure where to go next.

  4. till

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    Put the content of the .htaccess file into the apache directives field of the website in ispconfig.
  5. rtacconi

    rtacconi New Member

    how to modify the configuration directives

    I cannot find the text area to insert the configuration directives. How can I do it?
  6. rtacconi

    rtacconi New Member

    Error 500

    If have copied the contents of .htaccess of magento into the directives of the web site, but I still get error 500:
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  7. rtacconi

    rtacconi New Member


    The solution is to put the following into the apache directives:

    <Directory /var/www/web4/web/>
            AllowOverride All
    web4 must be substituted with you web site directory
  8. klaus++

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    In a Suse 11 based installation it's
    <Directory /srv/www/web4/web/>
            AllowOverride All
    I tested it and everything went ok at once.

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