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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by misterm, Sep 1, 2005.

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    I have to change system of exploitation (debian), is now I am in will fedora, am when I send a mail I have this error:

    Sep 1 14:58:09 server1 ipop3d[7276]: pop3 service init from
    Sep 1 14:58:10 server1 ipop3d[7276]: Auth user=web6_titux [] nmsgs=0/0
    Sep 1 14:58:10 server1 ipop3d[7276]: Logout user=web6_titux [] nmsgs=0 ndele=0

    How I can regulate this error because, that is heavy, moreover I cannot receive my malls.

    Sep 1 14:53:09 server1 postfix/local[7079]: 27BC54174A2: to=<[email protected]>, relay=local, delay=0, status=sent (delivered to command: /usr/bin/procmail -f-)
    Sep 1 14:53:09 server1 postfix/qmgr[4715]: 27BC54174A2: removed

    Thank you in advance

    MM :mad:
  2. till

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    There is no error in the above lines. Have you set the correct mail delivery (Mbox or maildir) for your linux distro in the ISPConfig controlpanel under management > server > settings > email ?

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