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    I have a Suse 10.1 perfect setup webserver running with ISPConfig.

    My plan is to move quite a bunch of domains from an old webserver to this new one. Everything is prepared for that, only one thing is left and that's what I like to ask.
    The problem is the migration of the mail accounts. When the domain is switched from one server to the other, there is a time between the user's last fetching of his emails and the moment of switching the servers. All mails, that come in during that period, will go to the old mailserver.
    At the moment when the servers are switched the user cannot fetch these mails any more, because the dns entries go to the new server.

    My idea is now to forward the mails from the old mail accounts to the new ones from now on, so when I initiate the server switch (KK) in a week or so, all mails will already be on the new server.

    But now for the problems: the old web server is running on a MAC and it definitely is a wicked box! It can whether forward mails to more than one destination (which is necessary because there are already a lot of forwards) nor send mail to a host that is only in the hosts file (because, of course, the domains on the new server are not online, yet)

    So I have to find a workaround. What I like to do is the following:
    1. Make an account for every mail account that needs to be forwarded on a domain that is already online on the new server.
    2. forward the mails from the old accounts to these accounts on the new server.
    3. forward the mails on the new server somehow internally to the correct (and not yet online) mail accounts.

    And what I need to know from you all is: Is it possible to do number 3, and if so, how?

    Thank you!

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    I recommend to use Postfix transports for it:

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