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  1. newfield_no1

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    When I look in my mail.log I see a lot of these massages:
    pop3d: TIMEOUT,
    imapd: TIMEOUT,
    It is at all of my three Ispconfig servers.
    The logfiles is now 9 hours old and this is the result of:
    cat /var/log/mail.log | grep TIMEOUT | wc -l
    Server1= 255
    Server2= 30
    Server3= 150

    They all work but there is timeouts so customers has to wait for mailchesk some times.
    The server is not overloladed as I can see in Munin.

    Do some one has a clue?

    All the server has Ispconfig 2.2.32 and is set up by Till.
    It is Ubuntu 8.04 64 4Gb ram.
  2. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    Are you really sure that customers have any problems with email? These timeouts occur when a customer is logged in with imap and his internet connection gets reset or ends before he has logged out from imap.
  3. newfield_no1

    newfield_no1 New Member

    It is mostly pop3d timeouts, but it was a imap customer that made me aware of the timeouts.
    On one server there is:
    87 imap timeout
    196 poped timeout
    The imap customer has seven mailaccounts that is checked from the same IP-adress.
    The pop3 accounts comes from a lot of different customers.

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