Mailbox quota doesnt show correct value after migrate from non isconfig's server

Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by Shyciii, May 30, 2022.

  1. Shyciii

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    I have old server only postfix+dovecot (no ispconfig).
    Create new server with Ispconfig3 3.2.8p1 version, with same email account (than old server).
    When I copy only email file with directory from old server (from /var/vmail/nio/Maildir) to new server (/var/vmail/hostname/nio/Maildir), the mailbox quota doesnt show the correctly value (show 5%, but the real is ~27%. The email show in Thunderbird very well, but mailbox quota bad value.
    The old email filename example: 1652655605.M116400P9114.levelezes,S=6989,W=7167:2,S
    The new server email filename example: 1653908704.M821512P3000016.isp,S=26150,W=26533:2,Se

    I try rename all filename .levelezes to .isp (because this is a server name's), but nothing happens. The quota still bad.
    How can reindex-es all emails for show the correct mailbox quota value?
  2. till

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  3. till

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    And ISPConfig does not show quota values in real time, so it may take some time until the nwq quota value shows up in ISPConfig.
  4. Shyciii

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  5. Jesse Norell

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    I believe that should be recalculated in a cron job as well, so would probably have corrected itself eventually.

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