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    Can you please help us understand how does the mailbox quota works.
    1. Does the quota assigned to Client as a whole is applied to his domains ?
    2. As a mail domain, I don't see any quotas which can be assigned. So I assumed on the client level quota is defined.
    3. Under email mailbox, there is an option to define quota for the user, and 0 is for unlimited. When we as admin set it to 0, it shows as 0 and as unlimited. However when the client himself logs into the ISPConfig using his client credentials, and uses 0 as quota, there is an error thrown "The max space for mailboxes is reached. The max available space in MB is -xxxx. Invalid quota value. Allowed values are: 0 for unlimited or numbers > 1". Now the client is trying to use 0, however it won't accept.
    4. The entire mail quota for client is set as 5GB, now can each user mail quota be auto adjusted like it happens in cpanel ? So one person can have 4GB, and others mail have only 100MB of mails ? Usually in cpanel we have setup unlimited quota for all mailboxes, and set base quota for the domain. This way only the total mail box size of the users combined is counted. Is that the same way its suppose to work in ISPConfig ? If yes, then we aren't seeing that happening.
    5. Under limits, some places i saw "-1", what does this mean ? Was this a result of an import using the migration script from cpanel server ? Should we be looking at changing these to some value apart from -1 ? And how to make them unlimited in certain places. Example: "Number of mailboxes", we want them to be unlimited for some users.
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  2. till

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    Please have a look at the ISPConfig manual, you have free access to it trough your howtoforge subscription:

    the fields and values and their meanings are explained there in detail, so I will not repeat the texts from the manual here.
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    Ok I will check and share questions, if any.

  4. Croydon

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    Nope. Nothing on client level. Limits are always assignment limits without direct effect to domains or boxes etc.

    You answered it yourself. No domain-level quota available.

    No. It won't of course. The Limit is set to so non-unlimited for the client. Why should he be able to use unlimited space then? Think again.

    I will say this only a single time: Stop comparing cpanel with ISPConfig. ISPConfig is NOT cpanel. ISPConfig is NOT intended to copy cpanel's way of organizing and processing data. It is not the first time you try to treat ISPConfig like it was cpanel. If you need a panel that works exactly like cpanel, the answer is very, very easy: Please stick with cpanel.
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  5. anandx

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    Thanks for the reply and clearing a few doubts. I don't want ISPConfig to be cpanel.

    Is there anyway I can set a client to use unlimited quota for their mailboxes ? In theory if i set their Client quota as 10GB (just a figure), the total combined storage of all users under the domain shouldn't exceed that 10GB.

    My only issue is that i have been used to cpanel for so long that unintentionally I end up comparing ISPConfig with cpanel. My intentions are clear, to be able to use and have my customers use ISPConfig. I am just trying to understand better, so I may end up asking questions which may sound / look stupid by not reading the manual first.

    I just want to be able to fix the issues clients are facing, and get them working and live. Due to current covid issues, businesses have just started opening up, and with the several ongoing issues, the pressure is too much unfortunately :(

    My sincere apologies if its troubled anyone.
  6. till

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    As a general explanation: ISPConfig organizes things on client level, this means you set limits on the client level and not domain level as ISPconfig makes it easy for a client to have more than one domain or website while cpanel is focused on domain level. If you have set a limit on client level, then limits on higher levels like a website quota or mailbox quota must stay within the limits that you have set for this client. Example: you have set the client to have max 10GB quota for mailboxes. This means that the sum of assigned space of all mailboxes for this client must by <= 10gb and therefore, you can't set a client mailbox to unlimited of course as unlimited would mean that this client can fill up the whole harddisk of your server and unlimited is > 10gb.
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    Thanks for giving a detailed clarification. I will again go through the system and see what best we can do to accomodate clients, who have been used to the unlimited quotas in past. As i said, we want to make this work for our clients.

    I will try and go through manual as much as possible, and maybe trouble you guys a few more times. Kindly bear with me a little longer, thats all i request.

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