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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by stargazer, Oct 6, 2019.

  1. stargazer

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    I think I messed up. I have three servers (web/database, mail and dns) with the web server as the master. I installed mailman on the mail server, but did not tell ispconfig installer that the mail server was also a web server. I'm assuming this is my mistake.
    Can I simply add web as a role for the mail server in the control panel? In other words, go to System | Server Services and simply put a check in the Webserver area? I have stuff in Apache on the mail server, but it is nothing I can't remove easily. Also, I need to upgrade ISPConfig on these machines, so if I need to do something at that time, I can do it.
    Finally, how do I actually create the mailing list? Assuming I have defined on the mail server, how do I associate the mailing list with that? When I add a mailing list, I only see top level domains, so I do not understand how to associate the web portion with an actual web site which I assume has to be on the mail server.
    Sorry if this is all wrong. I just don't see how it all goes together.
    This is ISPConfig 3.1.14p2 running on Devuan ASCII (equivalent to Debian 9, I think), using Apache, Postfix and Dovecot as per the Perfect Debian Setup (with some changes for Devuan, ie no SystemD)
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    If you separate the servers like that, why do you want to set the mail server as web server?
    You can install Apache on the mail server and not set it as web server in ISPConfig, if that is what you are wondering.
  3. stargazer

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    I don't really see any need for a web server on the mail server except that it appears to be required for the webui to work on mailman. According to the documentation, mailman should be installed on the mail server (which is logical), but when I add a new list, it gives a URL for the web interface to mailman which points to the default site for the domain. That is generally set up on the web server. However, access to the web interface for mailman has to come from the server mailman is installed on.
    BTW, I have apache installed on the mail server, but for an entirely different purpose, and I did not configure ISPConfig to use that. That is my point; I'm wondering if that was a mistake and, if so, what steps are needed to fix it.
  4. Taleman

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    I would say there is no mistake. A separate mail server can hav apache, for example for Roundcube webmail. Mailman can also use that apache.
    But I did not get Mailman working with ISPConfig. Mailman does not work well with the virtual e-mail users ISPConfig sets up. Next version of ISPConfig is promised to support another mailing list manager, the name I forget now, which should work better. See old discussions on this Forum.
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    You can use roundcube and mailman with a remote mail-server. why do you want to install a webserver on mail-server?
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