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    i'm trying to set up some one-way mailing lists for a customer. it's meant as a newsletter, not for discussion between list members. i'm looking for a very minimal configuration, most features of mailman, while great, aren't needed (and even confusing to the client).
    i've put some additional lines in the recommended place (/etc/mailman/, but as soon as i create a new list in ispconfig these changes are lost.
    where can i set the defaults for all my mailman lists without ispconfig discarding them?

    furthermore, i'd like to expose as little information as possible, meaning i want to hide mailman's webpages (list overview and so on). my initial idea was to simply create a redirect from these urls to the client's website index. not ideal, but i didn't find a better solution.
    also, i'm not sure if this is possible: i'd like to hide all of mailman's options in the admin ui and have the admin *only* manage the subscriber list. i think the rest of the options are better left alone, and will probably only cause confusion.

    if anyone can think of a better solution for newsletters, i'd be happy to hear about it. if not, hopefully there are some mailman experts out there that can point me in the right direction..

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