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Discussion in 'General' started by smokinjo, Sep 1, 2014.

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    I recently created mailman mailing lists.

    I get a message saying that the list is created.

    But, when I go to the newly created lists page, I get an error of the page not found.

    I sent a request to the server to send me the list of instructions. It sent them to me.

    So, the list is set up. Just not visible.

    We looked over the server and found:

    We think that the problem with mailman is that it has been configured to work with the default website which doesn't appear to be configured. Some parts of the configuration are commented out which may explain why apache isn't serving the pages. There should be a way to get it to work but it would have to be done through ISPConfig to be sure nothing gets overwritten.

    The default web page is just the domain for the server. It was never used.

    But, we tried on more that one domain and the results are the same.

    Ideas on how to get the mailing lists visible so that I can get to the lists home page, so that I can add names to them?



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