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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by pzajda, Apr 22, 2022.

  1. pzajda

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    I have some issues with Mailman:
    1. I've just created a Mailman list on a domain. Unfortunately, the Nginx virtual host has not been modified so I have a 404 webpage for all link in the different mails.
    What could have caused this virtual host to be not updated to include Mailman URI? And is there something I could do to fix it?
    2. For a previously created list, it is another issue: I migrated from the server where I created this second list but in all mails, it is the host name of the old server which is writen. Where can I modify this?

    I am on Debian Bullseye and installed mailman uting Buster package.
    But as the mailing has been created, I don't see any reason why ISPConfig would have not also modified the virtual host.
  2. till

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    Website virtual hosts do not include mailman and don't get modified for mailman. mailman lists are reachable on the server hostname only.
  3. pzajda

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    Thanks. But why the old server name is still used for the list I migrated and why the new one do not use the server host name?
    Most strange, if I use the server host name to access a list, I have a 403.
  4. pzajda

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    To update the URL for the old list, I run this command:
    cd /usr/lib/mailman/bin/
    ./withlist -l -a -r fix_url -- -v
    I read on this article.
    But I still do not understand why it does not work when I call a Mailman URL using my server host name, I get a 403 forbiden as I would try to go to the URL of an empty directory.

    EDIT: for the fixed URL now I have to modify host_name setting of the list because now the unsubscribe e-mail address for example is
    But it works.
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  5. pzajda

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    I finally modified /etc/nginx/sites-enabled to include Mailman directives.
    And in the case some lists would be created using website domain, I created a Nginx snipet I could choose to use.

    I am not convinced it is the best solution but it works as expected.

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