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Discussion in 'Technical' started by McKheeper, Nov 30, 2013.

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    Well. I'm out of idea. I have build and setup a home server and then for remote control tried to make visible to the internet.
    I have tried services like dyndns and noip. But I'm hide at least beside 2 router and to the second I don't have access. So After while I figure that I can set VPN to my official server and set a subdomain to VPN ip. Well because I have virtual server there is no module tun or tap. After talking the hosting company they can't set this because that require to restart node and get down all virtual server just because of one person who need one thing its just impossible. And my question is: Is there a way to get my server visible to the internet?
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    Are you using multiple WAN?

    That means you didn't has an public/static IP?!

    Normally service like No-IP or DYDNS should just works fine.

    Using NO-IP you'll need to install on your Home-Server the DUC (Dynamic Update Client) which you could download from for free. That is working well for to be able to connect to your Server from all over the Internet using a Domain name ans well as Remote Control like RASdmin etc.

    What I didn't understand is, that you told that your server is behind 2 Routers!! How that works? Normally only if you use Multi-WAN connection via a Load Balancer which handles the Data transfer's. For an In-House Server to be located behind an Load Balancer that would be ok but for an Internet accessible Server!

    To not go further because of lack of knowledge about YOUR system, please provide an clear explanation HOW your system is configured, may a Flowchart would be a good idea as well beside of the specifications.
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    Ok here is a little scheme how it's look (in attach files) except in our house is 9 families. and I have access only to my home router (in scheme Router No.: #1). And of course I don't wanna pay extra for IP address. Will be happy that you can help me figure out way to have the damn home server to be visible to the internet :D

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    OK, first at all, you need to find out what IP's are used on the routers of that LAN. You could use some tracing tools like the Advanced IP Scanner which you could download free from:

    You have to key in the IP Range of the LAN system like to This you could find (if you didn't know already) using in Windows Command Prompt (CMD) or PowerShell the command: ipconfig /all which would looks like:

    Here you could find the required infos about the NIC's Mac Address (Physical Address), IPv6 Address, IPv4 Address (LAN IP of your computer or server), Subnet Mask, default Gateway, DNS Servers of your ISP and more.

    I'm not familar with DynDDS, never used it, used NO-IP instead for some years, and most of the Routers didn't supporting in their Software directly, many supporting DynDDS instead.If needs an DUC (Dynamic Update Client) be used, means an special software on your computer, that computer must run 24/7 for to keep the dynamic IP updated at all times.
    That said, first check the router you have access to, means you could open the Setting Apps and administer the Router, that Router supports which DynDDS system! If support for is given, sign up for an account and use that Log On Data for to key in in your Router. If not any is used/supported in your Router, I suggest to use

    Please check the above first and come back and let us know, so we could help you better. Thanks.

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