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    I just installed ISPConfig on an server managed with Apache.
    The .htaccess file should redirect 404 errors on page 404.php. This page 404.php have only the texte : "Cette page n'existe pas".
    The redirection now only works on URIs that do not have a suffix .php. With the PHP pages, this opens a page where is marked in English "File not found."

    The non-existent https:// will redirect to the correct 404.php page and it's correct too with https: //
    On the other hand, the non-existent page https:// will display the text "File not found."

    How to correct this?
    Thank you for your explanations.
    ISPConfig version is 3.1.2
    Php (cli) version is 7.0.15-0 ubuntu
    [INFO] I found the following web server (s):
    Apache 2 (PID 1722)
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