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  1. Nikitos

    Nikitos New Member

    I have installed MANDRIVA DIRECTORY SERVER at debian etch r2 with your howto
    but i have some probems at installation in 5.2 paragraph
    when i using command net -U Administrator rpc rights grant 'DOMAIN\Domain Admins' SeMachineAccountPrivilege a have a message
    Could not connect to server
    The username or password was not correct.
    Connection failed: NT_STATUS_LOGON_FAILURE

    I searched some forums and find this decision
    write to smbuser string `root=Administrator`

    After that i successfully granted privileges to user Administrator.When the setup was completed i logined in mmc and coundn`t see any user (and users in groups)... I had an error(mmc errors)
    Then I added a new user and successfully authenticated in windows... I think second problem depends at first.
    (phpldapadmin can see all user)

    If you want to see configs -> ask me them i`ll post them
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  2. o.meyer

    o.meyer New Member Moderator


    I set this up a few times while I was writing the howto and it worked proper. Maybe the version of one or more mmc-packages have changed. I'll set it up again next weekend - looking for errors/problems.

    Best regards,

  3. I'm having the same problem

    I'm using Debian 4.0r2 Etch, and set this up a couple of times getting the same error at installation step 5.2
    entering command net -U Administrator rpc rights grant 'DOMAIN\Domain Admins' SeMachineAccountPrivilege gets message
    Could not connect to server
    The username or password was not correct.
    Connection failed: NT_STATUS_LOGON_FAILURE
  4. Nikitos

    Nikitos New Member

    ok,i `ll wait :)

    Do you know Fedora Directory Server?.. Is it same as Mandriva? Can you make guide?
  5. topdog

    topdog Active Member

    Fedora directory server is an LDAP server Mandriva is a packaging of an ldap server samba server mail server and dns server with a pretty front end to allow you to run a domain.

    You cannot replace one for the other.
  6. o.meyer

    o.meyer New Member Moderator


    found & fixed the problems.

    1.) Added a system-reboot at the end of step 6
    2.) Moved the "net" command from step 5.2 to step 6 (after the reboot)

    Additionally I fixed two typos in step 15.1.2 .

    A few minutes ago I set up a MDS system - following the howto step by step (copy&paste). Worked fine.

    Best regards,

  7. You're right Olli it works fine. Thanks for this great piece of art.

    Now, I ask you if it's posible to obtain your permission to translate this how-to into spanish.
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  8. Nikitos

    Nikitos New Member

    Thanks,works well...
    Can you also add to guide how to join linux computers to that domain?.
  9. raypettersen

    raypettersen New Member

    I second that. I have about 40 linux servers, all running debian.. I`d like to use mandriva, to administer administrator accounts, and such.. How do I add Linux servers to the domain, correctly? Tried the "add computer" option. What are the correct steps on the linux servers?
  10. lfreire

    lfreire New Member

    MDS + Webmin

    Hi. First i want to thank this perfect job. The author diserves the heaven!
    I don't understand a lof of linux, but sometimes i use webmin. I tried but seems to be incompatible. For exemple, on DNS Bind Server on webmin i can see the zone created with de mmc but i can't edit the zone. Do you know how to solve this?
    Thank you for your time.
  11. o.meyer

    o.meyer New Member Moderator



    Sorry, but I don't agree to that - you can link to the howto if you want.

    @Nikitos & raypettersen:

    I haven't tried to add linux machines to this setup - but I think it's possible with a few modifications to the linux systems you want to add. I think you'll have to...

    1.) Set up and configure libnss-ldap & libpam-ldap.
    2.) Adjust the LDAP-client configuration.
    3.) Enable the useraccounts within the MDS configuration (so they'll able to log in on linux systems)
    4.) Adjust the sshd configuration on all servers so that the enabled useraccounts are not able to log in to a linux server in your LAN.

    Like I said, not tested - only a rough theory.


    Sorry, but I haven't ever worked with webmin :rolleyes:
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  12. Well Olli, I really cannot understand your reasons but if so, let it be.

    Now, back into the howto I made an install using etch release 3 version, and it works fine. However, something I can´t accomplish is to add more than one DNS server at step 19.2. In the picture I can see ",". But doing that gives me an error and also tried separate the Ip addresses with ";", "." and " " getting the same error.
  13. o.meyer

    o.meyer New Member Moderator

    Hi daniel_rodriguez,

    I'll do some testing tomorrow. If there are bugs/typos remaining, I'll find them :rolleyes:

    Best regards,

  14. raypettersen

    raypettersen New Member

    If anyone has luck with adding a linux computer to the mds domain, please let us know how. Im out of time this week, so I can`t experiment myself.. We have our hands full here, after a nasty dns crash.. :/
  15. o.meyer

    o.meyer New Member Moderator


    The entrys for the domain servers have to be separated by a comma - without spaces. You got error messages because you had a space before or after the comma.
  16. thanks for you time and patience Olli

    best regards from Argentina
  17. rlesouef

    rlesouef New Member

    Thunderbird on Mandriva Directory Server

    I have installed MDS at Debian 4.0 with success but i can't configure Thunderbird.
    Can you help me please ?
    Thanks for everything
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  18. falko

    falko Super Moderator Howtoforge Staff

    What exactly is the problem? Is it that you don't know how to configure your mail account in Thunderbird, or do you get connection errors, or anything else?
  19. Nikitos

    Nikitos New Member

    MDS updated
    i keep old base.ini ...
    mmc don`t work correctly ..
    Samba and proxy sub-menus disappeared from page.
    I`m waiting for new update guide :)
  20. o.meyer

    o.meyer New Member Moderator

    Hi Nikitos,

    yes, they updated the MDS and changed a few things... I'll update the howto next weekend.

    Best regards,


    Edit: Sorry to say that I had not the time to update the howto last weekend - so I have to move this to the next weekend...
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