Manually Updating Zone Files

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by wxman, Feb 2, 2008.

  1. wxman

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    If I try to manually update my zone files, I don't see the changes in the ISPConfig interface. I'm guessing that's because the interface is drawing from a database, not the file stored in /etc/bind/ (Ubuntu 6.06).

    The reason I was doing it manually was just to "fine tune" the file, and because ISPConfig wouldn't let me set up the MX records like I wanted, for a new site I was adding. My server works just fine, and I added one site to it for testing, including MX records. That site works great, and I can send and receive mail from it.

    I tried to add a second test site to the server, along with it's MX record so they could get mail, and ISPConfig said it was already an MX record like it. I can't seem to where I did something wrong though. I'm fairly well studied on how to set up zone files, and after manually going through them, they look OK to me; but I'm no expert.

    Is there a way to add my changes to the database (if I did it correctly) so they show up in the ISPConfig interface?
    Could I just be setting something up wrong when I use the ISPConfig interface?

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  2. falko

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    That's right.

    Please check the recycle bins in ISPConfig if that MX record is already existing.

    Only through the ISPConfig interface.
  3. wxman

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    You would think after all this time, I would remember to check the recycle bin. maybe some electric shock therapy would help.

    Needless to say it works fine now.

    Thanks much.

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