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    Hi guys, back to docker :)
    I'm deploying un app in docker, and need access to a bdd. Documentation shows how to deploy it with a postgress container.
    But I prefer use mariaDB yet existing in my VPS install with ispConfig (@localhost). And to preserve my tiny server ressources, I prefer use my local mariaDB.
    I found an how to shows :
    Check for the line that has bind-address =
    The default value means that mysql will listen for local connections only. So to open it up to external address, we will change that line to bind-address = Save the changes then exit the nano editor.
    N/B: Sometimes the bind-address = may not be in the mysqld.cnf, in that case, just add the line at the bottom (in this case _bind-address =
    First question is where is the correct file in ispConfig installation ?
    Second one, I understood using this way, it's open mariaDB access to the outside. Is it a way to secure it ? Is it a bad idea ?

    Thanks all of you
  2. till

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    The MariaDB database already listens to the outside if you followed one of our install guides or used the auto-installer.

    Logins are restricted to a specific username, password and IP combination by default. So you can't login from an outside Ip anyway unless you explicitly allowed this when adding a database in ISPConfig.

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