Mastodon social : pre-install questions (db ; nginx) ?

Discussion in 'General' started by Keoz, Dec 18, 2018.

  1. Keoz

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    My web contents are on VPSs running distro Ubuntu 18.04 LTS / apache server.

    I am about to install a Mastodon social instance on my server, but the tutorial is not ISPConfig friendly, and it seems that theres is no FTP installation option. Further more, the tutorial get me confused with informations about :

    • PostgreSQL Database creation
    (Only MySQL db can be selected from ISPConfig 3 db creator)
    • NGINX Configuration
    (I have found none other tutorial for this app, with apache config requirement instead of nginx…)

    This is the tutorial, and please find my questions below :

    *** Q1 ***
    How do I create a PostgreSQL Database : from ISP Config or from the tutorial instrctions ?

    *** Q2 ***
    Do I have to configure NGINX and can this be done from ISPConfig panel ?

    *** Q3 ***
    Apache is already set from ISPConfig initial installation ; and is in use (started) for other apps on the same server where I wish to install the Mastodon Social instance. Won’t it crash or occure a bug on the server if both Apache and Nginx are configured and started on it ?

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  2. Taleman

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    ISPConfig does not support PostgreSQL, so that is a problem. I believe while ISPConfig does support Apache and NGINX, you can not have both installed at the same time.
    It looks to me best way forward is to get another virtual host and not install ISPConfig there. Just install PostgreSQL, NGINX and other stuff that Mastodon needs and maintain that host without ISPConfig.
  3. Keoz

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    I have found an internet info page explaining how to configure “apache“ and “nginx“ together ; it seems that it’s possible at the condition that each server have to listen to different port.
    I also found that VESTA Cpanel can have both configured from pre-install settings options....

    The info page advise to make changes so that :
    Apache is listening to port 8080
    Nginx is listening to port 80

    Considering this info, I expect to configure PostgreSQL manually (via ssh) and to do the same for NGINX (listening to port 80) as shown in the Mastodon Social configuration tutorial :

    *** Q1 ***
    On fresh instal of ISPConfig 3, what port apache initially listen to ?

    (I believe it already listening to port 8080)

    *** Q2 ***
    Do you think that a bug could occur on my ISPConfig Instance during or after the manual configuration of PostgreSQL and Nginx ?

    *** Q3 ***
    The Mastodon app configuration (see tutorial) will by default locate the Mastodon Systemd Service Files as shown below (line bolded), would I have to move it to the web root of domain previously created from ISPConfig Panel ?


    ExecStart=/home/mastodon/.rbenv/shims/bundle exec puma -C config/puma.rb
    ExecReload=/bin/kill -SIGUSR1 $MAINPID


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  4. till

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    Q1: ports: 80, 443, 8080 amd 8081
    Q2: PostgreSQL: no, Nginx: yes. You will ahve to reconfigure the whole web system which affcets ispconfig and all other sites on your server. This is possible, but if you are not an experienced Linux admin, then you will probably break the whole setup when you try to achieve that.
    Q3: no

    If I were you, I would follow the advice from @Taleman in #2 and install Mastodon in a separate small VM. Mastodon seems to want to have a complete server on it#s own, so it seems to be better to install it into a separate VM instead of a multi website hosting environment like ISPConfig provides it.
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  5. Keoz

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    I will then follow the advice of Taleman !
    Thank U
  6. Keoz

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    Two last questions !

    If another Cpanel (on separate VM) can be installed with "nginx“ and “PostgreSQL“ already pre-configured, can I then skip sections of the Mastodon tutorial (link above) about configuring these ?

    As your answer is no to Q3 (above) does it mean than Mastodon app can only be configured and managed via ssh (meaning without Cpanel) ; so that my first question here should not be considered ?

    The idea to work without a panel gets me a bit confused... !


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