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  1. I want to know if postfix/dovecot has a limit of maximum number of file attachments? Or where is this limitet if it is limited? On google I only find that there is a limit on the file size of an attachments. Is this limit the combined size of all files attached to the email or for every single file?
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    As far as I know, this limit is the max size of the email file. If you look at an email with attachments when it is stored on the disk, then you can see that it consists of several sections, the plain text section, probably a section for the HTML formatted mail and sections for the encoded attachments. and the size of this whole email file is the size of the message. This encoding uses more space than the binary form of the attachments, so when you e.g. have an email with some text plus two 10 MB zip files attached, then the total email size is probably between 25 and 30MB. I don't think that postfix decodes an email at all, so it does not even know how many attachments an email has and therefore, there can not be a limit for the number of attachments in postfix.
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    Sorry my english is very bad...
    i have a similar problem, y cant recive emails with attached files more than 10MB.
    My question: in the POSTFIX MAIN.CF can i change the size of attachements to recive?

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