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    server is openvz, debian 8.7, "the perfect server" ISPConfig 3.1.2 setup, 2 cpu core, 1gb ram, 1gb vswap-- turn on server and ram usage starts out about 70% and goes up to 100% and starts acting very sluggish. SO, I ran ps aux and free-m, found clam av was hogging 50% of memory, so I followed these instructions here:
    Now server boots up, only 50% memory usage and much more stable, but over the course of 6-12 hours, it goes up to 80%, and over 24 hour period memory usage still goes up to 100%. Also, for whatever odd reason, clamav gets renabled at seemingly random intervals, and I have to run the code in quotes above repeatedly to keep the server under control.

    Any ideas?
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    cat htf_report.txt | more

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    Need to update this thread:
    This "fix" of removing clamav amavis and spam filters to save memory ended up causing a problem where I was unable to receive emails. See this thread:
    There must be a better way to handle memory issues. @Cris Kolkman has said to run a memory clearing cron. I will try this and report back.
    info on memory clearing cron and memory issues in the previously mentioned "email issues" thread post 23 onwards...
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    With a relatively (7 days) fresh install of ISPC, all options (except XMPP), I have to say that memory use is quite stable.
    You'll just note a decrease in used memory when I found that python (from mailman) was eating some swap memory. I restarted mailman (that I don't use) and saw no further problem.
    That said, I won't try to run this config under 2Go of RAM

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    Under 2GB RAM is indeed not best practice.
    I'm happy with my 4GB RAM server which is running very smoothly.
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    RAM usage is absolutely stable on all of my systems as well. As the Cris and liane said, 1GB memory is not enough for a complete web, mail, dns and db server as described in the perfect setup, the minimum recommended ram size is 2GB for such a setup. You can run ISPConfig with less memory by removing services, as the RAM is not used by ISPConfig, the provided services are using it, e.g. you don't want to run a mail server, then leave out the mail server part of the tutorial and install ispconfig in expert mode and choose to not configure mail. In this case, 1GB will be enough for web only if you run small sites. You can run a server with 256 GB only e.g. if you just have a slave DNS node on an ISPConfig multiserver setup. Running a mail server and removing the spam and antivirus functions makes not much sense for me as you will get spam and viruses than, removing of thes e services is only an option for servers that just send email and not receive.
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