Messages have disappeared out of webmail. What did I do?

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by rmenzies, Apr 6, 2007.

  1. rmenzies

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    Was playing around with my server and don't know exactly what mod I made, but for some reason when I rebooted my server, all my mail disappeared from my webmail. If I use webmin to look at my postfix mail folders, the mail still exists there, but for some reason, webmail does not recognize them. I'd appreaciate any help in fixing this, thanks!
  2. rmenzies

    rmenzies New Member

    Further research....

    I think I messed everything up by clicking the maildir checkbox in ispconfig. Doing some searching it seems that I have files in /var/spool/mail with mail files in it. IE I have a user web24_catchall that has a file in there with a size of 2,484,485 ... now I also went to /var/www/web24/user/web24_catchall and see that there is both a mail directory AND a maildir directory. So it seems that when I clicked the maildir button it created the maildir folder and now my webmail (I'm using the squirrelmailoutlook plugin) points to that instead of the old mail directory. So now, how do I get things to look back at the mail instead of the maildir?
  3. till

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    Uncheck the maildir button.

    If you must enable maildir or net depends on your pop3 and imap server. If you use courier or dovecote, maildir must be enabled, other wise it must be disabled.

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