Mighty sieve? Notify of new Mail in "secret" mailbox

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by muelli75, Oct 27, 2019.

  1. muelli75

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    Hi out there!

    Is it possible to send an notify-email if a not well public mailbox revice an email?
    We want to monitor a mailbox "privatembox@" and if a new mail is recieved, a new email like "there is a new message" should be sent to a shared mailbox "office@". We dont want do forward the recieved message, beacause the content of the private message is not for all users who have access to the shared mailbox.

    I checked out the sieve-syntax, but sieve isnt well docmented. Is it possible to do this with sieve? Or do we need some other tools?
    (We use ISPconfig, dovecot and sieve || Clients roundcube and thunderbird)

    Thank you for all inputs!

  2. till

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  3. muelli75

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    Thank you Till - it works well!
    Thank you for the link to this extension and especially for the script!

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