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Discussion in 'General' started by nhybgtvfr, Dec 4, 2017.

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    I've got a multi-server install running, ispconfig 3.1.18p1, with 5 dedicated webservers for shared hosting, with a central database server for any sites on those hosts, and all the website files are on shared storage.

    we have a customer who now wants all his sites, which are split across these servers, on his own vps server within our . the vps server has already been added to the system and ispconfig has been installed on it.

    i'm ok manually moving db's/ftp accounts etc. but moving sites with wordpress and wordfence are a pain in the arse, with lots of hardcoded full directory paths put into various parts of the database, and several files.

    I've seen mentioned on these forums before, that you can change the server_id for the domain in the master database and resync, but I've never tried this yet. I believe, but just want to double check, this means that the website structure will be created on the new server, with the existing website id number and not with a new id number?. also, do I only need to do a resync for sites/users on the new server, or do I need to run a resync for the server that the site is being moved from as well?

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    if you change the server_id, you will have the same structure on the new server after resyncing web-sites (on the new server).

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