Migrating from 32bit P3 to 64bit Dual core P4

Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by eldaria, Jul 2, 2006.

  1. eldaria

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    Hello guys...

    I did the Dapper Perfect setup on one of my old machines, a P3 500Mhz with 128 Ram.

    Well to make long story short, it was to slow to use.
    So I went and got some new hardware.
    Well it actually took me a month, before doing that.
    So I had pretty much set it all up, and it has already a month worth of mail/web sites etc stored on it.

    I would prefere not to have to configure everything again, but I have understood that you can not just swap it over.

    So I figured I will need to set it all up again, but what folders contain the config and data for the ISP Cofig Perfect setup.
    So I at læeast don't have to config all users and well loose data.

    I'm thinking Usernames, DNS configs, Web sites, Mail, etc...
    I'm guessing /home, /var and /etc but just to make sure I'm not getting any 32 bit binaries, is it possible to be more specific?

  2. eldaria

    eldaria New Member

    Ok, so I have set up the new hardware on a small harddrive I was not using.

    This so I don't interefere with the existing setup.

    I have configured everything according to the Ubuntu Perfect setup.
    Just as last time, except this time the ISPConfig compiling was Super Fast. :-D
    Only difference is the IP address.

    On my other system I still have the live setup with all users and web sites configured.

    What do I need to copy over to get Config and Data?

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  4. eldaria

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    Thanks a lot...

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