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  1. Hi all

    One of our slave servers (running Debian), which we use for secondary MX and secondary DNS, is to be decommissioned by our bare-metal provider (OVH). I was thinking about moving (cloning) the system to a new server. Unfortunately the IP of the new server will be different since we didn't rent a failover IP for this one. Therefore all configs we have in our Master Server related to this Slave Server (DNS and MX) would point to a non-valid IP anymore. I was thinking about getting my hands dirty with mariadb and search and replace all instances of the old IP, but I'm not sure this will be enough, don't even know this is going to work. Any advices or procedures anyone can share?


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    Replacing the IP in the database and then doing a resync through the panel should work. I suppose it's mostly DNS configuration to allow transfers and send notices?
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