Migration : Plesk 18 > ISPconfig 3

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    I migrated from Plesk 18 to ISPconfig 3.

    ISPconfig offers a migration script (ISPConfig Migration Toolkit) but does not support the latest versions of Plesk (18) in my case, because the encryption of passwords on emails is no longer compatible. So I had to tinker ... This tinkering is the subject of this article: https://david.mercereau.info/migration-plesk-18-ispconfig-3/ (in French sorry but the code is universal ... )

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    I guess that your problem with the passwords is related to a missing or outdated mcrypt library on your plesk server. The passwords are decrypted by the migration tool but that only works with the correcy mcrypt available. You should have seen multiple warnings in the migrate.log file about the passwords.

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    it would be nice, if you could the warnings on the screen, too. i had a similar issue a few weeks ago. usually, i do a dry run, check the log, and start the migration.

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