Migration succeed but an anomaly raises a question !

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    Migration of ISP Config 3 panel to new server appears to have succeed. I can connect to migrated websites, web apps and related databases through ISP Config 3.1.13 from the target server. Then from my VPS (virtual private hosting server), I did redirect corresponding domains to the new server IP ; but I still can connect to same websites, web apps and db from ISP config 3 on the source server !!!

    I have an important contacts management app and contents installed, but even if I made a backup of it, I wish to insure that if I now remove the source server, I could still connect the app through the targeted sever. In this regard, I would feel more confident to remove the source server if URL called from within its Website tab would result in blank or error page.

    May any one give me directions, so that removing the source server will not crash the connection to my contacts web app and contents from the target server ?
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    When you have two servers that contain the same website, then it depends on the DNS record which of these two servers actually serves the website. So when dns points to the first server, then the first server will serve it and when dns points to the second server, then the second server will serve it. Regarding databases, you should check that you used 'localhost' as database hostname in the applications that you installed on your server and not e.g. the fixed external IP of the old server. But localhost is the default for such a case, so it's not very likely that you used an external IP there.

    You can easily test if the old server still serves the site when you access it over the internet: stop the apache web server and mysql on the old server, if the site keeps working, then the old server is not serving it. If it stops working, then you should check if your DNS record has really be changed yet as this may take up to 24 hours, depending on the TTL of your DNS records.
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    To be 100% sure that all traffic reaches the new server, you can install HAProxy on the old one and forward all traffic to the new ip.
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    Thanks !
    I wait 24 hours and then I will make verifications to insure that changes in the DNS records are effective !

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