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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by alicumircea, Feb 7, 2014.

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    For the moment I am running 3 independent Ispconfig servers with separate mysql server cluster (there are 3 servers running web, mail and dns and 2 servers running master-slave mysql).
    Two months ago I created an Ispconfig 3 cluster (mirror) and I added all the clients and websites. I left it running (empty) for about 2 months and now I need to migrate all the data from the old ones to the new cluster. I manually created the new structure, I recreated all the users and mailboxes and I will move all e-mails and databases to the new cluster. My concern is about moving the websites. The new structure will have different owner - how shall I copy the data over to suit the new owners? for example old client1/web1 will become client3/web2.

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    The problem is that you recreated the clients / sites manually on the new server instead of migrating the data (dbispconfig database + users from /etc/passwd, shadow and groups from /etc/group, gshadow over to the new cluster.

    With your migration procedire, you wil not be able to copy over the data easily, you will have to migrate each site one by one, fix paths in the site config etc. and adjust folder owners and permissions.

    If you would have migrated the ispconfig database, system users / groups and config files together, then you could have just run rsync on /var/www and /var/vmail to sync over all data in oe step incl. correct permissions.

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