Migration to multi master server / little Dovecot issue

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by gorus, Dec 28, 2015.

  1. gorus

    gorus New Member

    Hi all,
    I am migrating a 3.0.4 ispconfig (Debian Squeeze), hosting about 1500 only-mail account on one virtual machine.

    1) Please let me know if what i've done is correct :

    I made 2 vm with HaProxy redirecting all requests (web,imap etc) to 2 vm running ispconfig (Debian Jessie), both as master, and both running HaProxy to redirect mysql requests to a mysql multimaster galera cluster.
    I plan to upgrade my existing vm to 3.0.5 version, then dump its database and restore it on the new vm.
    I tested it with snapshots, it seems to work fine (except 2nd Point), but did I miss something ?

    2) The old vm is running courier/maildrop while the new vm will be running dovecot/sieve.

    What I did is add a symlink in each user’s home (/var/vmail/domain/user) that points to itself (Maildir -> /var/vmail/domain/user)
    It works, but is it a problem ?

    Last thing, when I create a new user, I have to subscribe manually to the default folders (.Sent, .Trash etc)
    I would like these folders to be automatically subscribed.
    I tried in dovecot.conf with the following, but it doesn’t work, any idea ?
    mailbox Sent {
      auto = subscribe
      special_use = \Sent
  2. gorus

    gorus New Member

    It might help people :
    It was because I had a symlink in the /var/vmail path, which was not appreciated.
    subscriptions folder could be created but not written into.
  3. till

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